Downtown Park City Park

The City of Laurens has several parks and shelters for people to enjoy.  They are open all year long and are available on a first come first serve basis. The downtown park located next to the swimming pool has play ground equipment for younger children and a shelter house for family gatherings and picnics. 



Memory Lane is a recently constructed downtown park built through donations by individuals and businesses. There are pergolas, stone tables and benches, a water fountain, stage, and drinking fountain. It is a place of reunion and reflection, a place for positive conversation, and a place to remember those who have contributed to the Laurens community.



Sportsmans Park, in SE Laurens, now offers a disc golf course! Click here for rules and a scorecard. The Park also features a basketball and tennis court along with additional playground equipment, picnic area and a gazebo for outdoor concerts.

Time to Spare campground  at is on the NW corner of the Sportsmans Park.

Memory Lane Park

photos by Paul Steinkoenig

Play Disc Golf at Sportsmans Park

Rules & Scorecard

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